Author Topic: Airborne Avenger 1977 VP9 DT 16x9  (Read 2319 times)

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Airborne Avenger 1977 VP9 DT 16x9
« on: August 29, 2016, 07:46:40 PM »
Airborne Avenger 1977 VP9 DT 16x9;sa=view;down=477This is a Visual Pinball 9 desktop conversion of the VP8 Airborne Avenger table by John Shepherd and Destruk.  I took some of the plastics from the Full Screen table by dboyrecords as well as various pictures on the internet.  The main reason I made the table was to clean up the playfield as much as possible that will look decent in high resolution.
This table is designed for 16x9 monitors.  I have also uploaded a 4x3 version.
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