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Anyone interested in doing graphics on a table?

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I will be posting a wip thread to test this as well. I'm using decals for the lights until I get actual writing on the lights. I'm open to reshaping the lights to the text, except for the bonus lights and green arrows.

so what still needs to be done just the plastics drops and apron area?
it looks great to me so far though when can we try it out?
you can always put the planets on the drops and maybe little spaceships on the plastics

That's an internet pic for the pf, maybe write on the lights so I can do a lit and unlit. In general, make things look good. My graphical skills suck at best. ::) It plays well, and I'll put it up in the wip section to test. dont mind the 2 reels on the left, they were there to test the multiball variable values.

I can do lit and unlit rather easily with Gimp2 using the 'Dodge' and 'Burn' tools on the image
like in Sanatorium,  that uses two different play fields and 2 sets of 'lit' and the other much darker or unlit
 ... let me get a hold of the wip and see what I can whip up for it
but as for original artwork my 'expertise' is about the same as yours probably
 (lots of cutting and pasting)

It's old, but now that the Adobe CS2 stuff has been released free (sort of) it's available as well.  It may be old, but plenty capable of doing anything needed for table development and with great effects.

Were you still looking for help with art for this?


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