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PinballX and cabinet setup
« on: November 21, 2014, 10:28:27 PM »
So, thanks to Itchy, I was able to get my cabinet up and running with tons of tables very quickly.

But now I want to polish some things up so I wanted to ask a few questions.  Mainly these are related to my having a 3 monitor setup while Itchy files are set for 2.

1.  Some tables have no DMD.  What is the best way to display a static image in the DMD area during play?
2.  Many of the backglass images are for 2 screen tables.  I found a utility that will grab all VP table images for all tables in your VP folder, but not for backglass.  Do you know of any that grab the backglass to?  DMD as well would be awesome.
3.  If no to 2, any ideas where to go to download 3 screen backglass images?  or how do I do screen captures of that easily from within VP.

4.  IS anyone using movies or music in their PinballX setup?

Thanks in advance.