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Information FotoFinish Table
« on: June 17, 2018, 01:35:45 PM »
Hi! I am a fan of Pinball Anni 40-50-60-70 .....
Recently, after formatting the disk and reinstalling various versions of Visual Pinball.
Well, I downloaded all the Boards of pBecker1946 that I think are well done, the Gottlieb Fotofinish Table now
I do not remember what Year.

I played with the versions VP8.1.1 and version 9 .... in both versions this table, has the ball that jerks ...
I do not know why unlike all the other pBecker1956 tables that work great.

Now if there 's someone who knows about this problem and has the solution, tell me, and I will' in this sense to make the best work this table that, unfortunately, goes jerky and quite often and 'that, at certain times, it seems that the ball disappears.
The stuttering of the ball seems to go in time to music, then there are moments that go great and immediately after again
in clicks and then the game can not be played regularly.

Can anyone help me about that?

Thanks in advance.
Costa Bartolomeo