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Space Mission Williams 1976
« on: February 01, 2015, 03:46:07 PM »
Space Mission Williams 1976;sa=view;down=347My exploration via recreating the electromechanical flipper games of Williams and Gottlieb to experience the evolution of flipper pinball design and innovation hands-on continues with Williams Space Mission. Space Mission was released in January 1976, near the end of electromechanical games being made. Designed by Steve Kordek with Christian Marche artwork, 11,652 Space Mission games were produced so this game is not very rare to find today.

Steve Kordek told IPDB that the backglass art was derived from a picture he obtained from NASA. The picture almost certainly was of the painting made by noted space artist Robert McCall (1919-2010) a jpeg of which is included in this release. As with all my games, pressing the "R" key gives you game rules. This game has several options which the operator could set, and those options may be adjusted from the keyboard. Press "O" to see the options and their current settings.

As with all VP work I do, anyone is welcome to use anything in the artwork or scripts of these games as they wish.  Since downsizing my actual Pinball machine collection to the few machines I now have room for, The VP work of others has brought me many hours of joy, and in return anyone is welcome to whatever they can learn or use from my efforts.  I am posting these games in the hope that others will enjoy them as much as I have, and to keep the memory of these older machines alive just a bit longer.

Table by PBecker1946, backglass and coding by Itchigo.
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Re: Space Mission Williams 1976
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thank you

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Re: Space Mission Williams 1976
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brill thanks for posting

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Re: Space Mission Williams 1976
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Hi and thank you for this recreation.