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« on: October 25, 2018, 04:10:32 PM »
Hi!  I am again dinocostas.... it is necessary that I have a document-a File-or any document that has the story, at least indicative, of Visual Pinball... from its inventor Randy Davis until today with a large number of members of the Forum community of Roguepinball capable of
Create with this program Visual Pinball, of the exceptional tables that, in certain
Cases, they can be compared to the real ones.

I ask you the history of pinball, because it is necessary that I have a document that certifies the history of Visual Pinball.... who created it and everything about this wonderful program.

In the exhibition there will be a lot of help from outside with passionate people who, as well as playing with Visual Pinball, have pinball machines, so
We will also add real pinball machines...

Finally there is the possibility through the municipal administration to get computers unusable but functioning.. I think there are a dozen for which every Monitor of the computer will have with the Visual Pinball tables that we are now still choosing and introduce them in these computers that with the eye and cross there are a vantina, and we put the tables (the most beautiful) in order chronologists Co and as they pass the days of the show I can change them quietly.... in my opinion interesting this sector....

I hope that there are many visitors to view the exhibition also because in Italy is the first time you set up an exhibition of the genre..... many of the visitors do not even know what an emulator (Visua Pinball) and the occasion of the exhibition you can see and show Working.... that's why I need something that explains how it was born who invented it, etc.

As for computers it is clear that Visual Pinball will be installed and then the tables and everything that follows the program.

Here I have listed, in broad lines, what we want to do....

aspect of your

News I hope there is someone in the Forum community of Rogue Pinball, who can help me in this.

There will be fun and therefore will also be the opportunity to introduce this field of play of Visual Pinball and who knows if there will be someone who will be passionate about all this and become a member of the Forum

Again I greet you
Dinocostas  :Smile: