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Gottlieb ball count unit


Hi and thanks for this forum!!

i have 1976 ship ahoy.  the start motor and the ball count unit run continuously. i have cleaned both units and checked all the contacts with a few adjustments. both solenoids on the ball count unit are activating whild the start motor spins.
i also inspected all the other relays and made a few adjustments to the ax relay as per

any suggestions??

Although I was an operator, em's I didn't get really heavy into in terms of mechanical. There has to be a switch that "trips"  and shuts things down. I do have a friend I see in chat (he's not at this site yet) I can talk to him and link this back to him. He would probably know. Give me a little time.

Great! Thanks!

He says he'd need to talk to you, like in chat. Here's a link to the chat we use (from another site, no membership required, for now). His name is Osprey101. I'll pm you the link to chat as the site is not really up and running yet, but the chat works.


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