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Abra Ca Dabra FS B2S by Pinuck


Abra Ca Dabra is a classic EM table made by Gottlieb in 1975. The fiery playfield is stunning, featuring the wizard who is casting a particularly violent spell on you. This devil-looking wizard is in stark contrast to the kindly old-looking wizard with a Hefner-like fancy for young, beautiful, scantily clad women on the backglass.

The gameplay on this table is somewhat different in that the target banks are in the upper playfield and the pop bumpers in the lower playfield. Personally, I like the targets up on top, and also separated to either side. It's like Gottlieb's Fast Draw, with the targets being up top instead of the lower playfield. I think they make for more gratifying shots when you shoot it all the way up the playfield. Watch out for the pop bumpers, though .. since they are in the lower playfield, they'll hit the ball straight between the flippers if you're not careful ... standard Throatkill!

Hats off to Pinuck who did a fabulous, exquisite job in this recreation! It is a very addictive game, especially as a FS B2S. The table's oversized, single player scoring reels, as well as the half-moon credit wheel, bring back so many flashbacks to the arcade game making it feel like I'm playing the real thing. And the playfield is awesome! The artwork is clean and crisp, very well done. And the gameplay is excellent! It plays a bit faster than the arcade table that I remember ... but I'm finding I like it that way. It seems ..."smooth" ... or "fluid" ... that may not be the best way to describe the physics ... maybe "just right" would sum it up the best.

A truly enjoyable, addictive classic Gottlieb EM creation! Yeah!!!

I love the graphics is this one. Very clean!! Looks so real!!

Abra ca dabra it`s very fun and my favorite EM pinball 70`s

The flipper physics are important on this one. You don't want huge speed, but a power setting of around 3 ensure that the target shots have plenty of impact without too much deflection. As always with Gottlieb tables, the artwork is brilliant. Cudos to the Gottlieb generations for being able to find better than average graphic artists to draw their tables. A pity that they guard their copyright so jealously. It can have both good and bad results, but it IS their business, so good luck to them.


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