Author Topic: Satin Doll Williams 1975 FS B2s  (Read 1845 times)

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Satin Doll Williams 1975 FS B2s
« on: July 11, 2013, 06:07:49 PM »
Started from Ash's vp8 version, but completely redone.
A wonderfully simple EM.

Hitting all 5 center rollovers:
1st time: Lights all rollovers, and bumpers.
2nd time: Double bonus.
3rd time: Lights Special.

Replays at 85,000, and 95,000.

Redraw: Chinzman93.
Plunger from JP Salas.
Bumpers from Bob 5453.
Thanks to Koadic for putting his plunger in.
Author: Itchigo.

No rom needed!

This should play all the way down to 9.1.2, and still work with the current version. No primatives in it.

Direct B2s is included in the zip file.

Ask before modding please, but borrow whatever you like.

Download Link:;sa=view;down=33
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