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San Francisco - Williams 1964
« on: November 11, 2020, 06:47:24 PM »
San Francisco - Williams 1964;sa=view;down=699Williams San Francisco was released in May 1964.  San Francisco was designed by Steve Kordek, I can't identify the artist. 2,000 units were produced so this game is only moderately rare to find today. San Francisco was the last EM game to use a gobble hole, so it fits my "first or last" criteria for choosing a game to do in VP. It also uses the up/down stepper as a feature that Williams used on a few games in this period.  In this case, the stepper drives a pointer in the back glass that allows activating from one to five game features on a given ball while increasing the scoring value of the gobble hole and rollover buttons.  Game rules are fairly simple to figure out, but the key to winning is choosing when to hit the gobble hole vs. trying to improve things a bit more on a given ball and risk a side or center drain.
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