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These are available in the downloads area.

This is the thread where I'll be showing what was added to my cab (monthly).

We are starting out with 509 2 screen tables. Since I'm OBC, here's what you need to know...

Not Working
Grateful Dead (add Music only)
AC/DC (Plays, problem on exit)
Centigrade 37 (No start)
X-Men Pro (Rom issue)

Playfield screenshots needed
AC/DC (Herweh)
X-Men Pro
The Good Taste Of Beer Itchigo 2014
Aztec Williams 1976
Grand Slam

Backglass screenshots needed
AC/DC (Herweh)
X-Men Pro
The Good Taste Of Beer Itchigo 2014
Aztec Williams 1976
X Men Pro

Replace  "quick and dirty" db2s
Odin Deluxe

Wheels Needed
Bobs Bride of Pinbot (Bob 2012)
Bowling Champ  (Gottlieb 1949)
Broadway       (Bally 1957)
Chinatown      (Gottlieb 1952)
Dragon Bob     (Bob)
Flame of Athens(Allied Leisure Industries)(1978)
Flash Gordon   (Rosve version)   
FotoFinish     (Gottlieb 1961)
Foxy Lady      (Game Plan)
Frolics        (Bally 1952)
Grand Slam     (Bally 1983)     
Happy Days     (Gottlieb 1952)   
Hercules       (Atari 1979)     
Hot Line       (Williams 1976)
Hulk           (Rosve version)   
Iron Maiden    (Stern 1981)  NEED BETTER
Itchigo's Quicksilver (Itchigo)
KC Jones       (Gottlieb 1949)
Mermaid        (Gottlieb 1951)
Middle Earth   (Atari 1978)     
Monster Bash   (Williams 1998)   
New Wave       (Bell 1985)
Odin Deluxe    (Sonic 1985)   
Palisades      (Williams 1953)
Pinball Universe(Rosve)         
Punk           (Gottlieb 1982)
Queen of Hearts(Gottlieb 1952)
Real           (Game Plan 1978)
Rotation VIII  (Bally 1978) 
Space Riders   (Atari 1978)     
Speed Test     (Taito 1982)     
Split Second   (Stern 1981       
Spring Break   (Gottlieb 1987)   
Star Light     (Williams 1983) 
Star Race      (Gottlieb 1980)   
Star trip      (Game Plan 1979) 
Star Wars      (Sonic)
Star Wars ESB   
Strike         (Zaccaria 1978)
Striker        (Gottlieb 1982)   
Superbowl      (Bell 1984)       
Supernova      (Gameplan 1986)
The good taste of beer (Itchigo)
Trigon         (Shiva 2005)
World's Fair 1962 (Itchigo)

If anyone has anything to add to this, please PM me! I will add it. :Smile:

June update:

Dragon Gottlieb  1978  (My mod/update).
X-Men Pro (finally got it to work).
Torch Gottlieb 1980 Wheel Image (Cut from a flyer).
Aztec Williams 1976.
Lady Luck Gottlieb 1954.

Thanks for sharing these!

Totally awesome!! Thanks!

When I get time I'll add them to the wheel area which has now been fixed (sorry). Damn checkboxes. :Green:

No problem. Glad to help and share with others. I don't like my pincab tables to be incomplete. I make sure everything is ready to go before adding it to the PinballX list. Table, B2S backglass (if available, otherwise a good backglass shot), Wheel Image, and script updates for my cabs. I then run the table to make sure it works and take a screenshot, paste it in MSPaint, save it to my laptop, crop the backglass and playfield image, and copy them to the media image folder. Thanks to Itchy, I have another 100 tables I'm modifying and adding to my cab!


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