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any jobs available off the books?
« on: July 02, 2014, 06:43:06 AM »
My SSI got denied so it seems like I have to live on $1005 a month for the rest of my life
impossible!! as my rent alone is 723 car insurance runs another 70 phone is 63 cable is 140
so that leaves absolutely nothing for things like car repairs, electric bill etc...
so it seems like I may be forced to work under the table to make ends meet
as you guys may already know I have ten years exp with pins, video games, jukes, shuffle alleys,
cigarette machines and pool tables when I worked in vending
I'll upload a redone resume later today leaving out my addy, phone and such since it is a public site
any job available in that field I'll jump at BUT I am still partially disabled with a bum left hip
keeping me from lifting or even walking fast so moving them is out but I can fix them still
also I possess an active CDL (class B though meaning straights not trailers)with medcard
so can drive if necessary buses fall into that category too I would just need a <P> endorsement for that
so anyone who can offer any advice please help me as I am stuck in the system now
still  waiting for the court date for any type of settlement
I got injured way back in May of 2010 and am waiting still for any type of money to arise from it
so I still have no income at all
thanks guys,
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Re: any jobs available off the books?
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2014, 08:49:40 AM »
okay here is my updated resume but it  doesn't list the experience  I got working Cue Vending
which unfortunately is no more BUT I have ten years working there
 plus three years working for the vending company who operated a Chuckie Cheese in Union NJ
fixing pneumatic hydraulic stage characters, all the rides plus the games on site
(pins,coin op video games, and ten skee ball lanes) anything from coin jams to replacing bad boards
to converting coin ops for different games
okay hold yer breath here it comes:
2058 Maple Ave.
Hatfield, Pa

OBJECTIVE:    Seeking opportunity where I can contribute to the growth
and profitability of my employer.  Situation should offer potential for
professional growth, experience and career opportunities.

EXPERIENCE:    25 years Truck Driving, Delivery and Warehouse experience
CDL Class B License
Electronic Technician
Hydraulic Lifts/Characters
Inventory Control
Route Delivery
Pick and Pack
School Bus Driver
Basic Machinist Tools
 vernier calipers, micrometer,  multimeter
soldering stations
EDUCATION:    Clifton High School, Clifton, NJ  - Graduated June 1976
    New Jersey Tooling and Machinery Institute - Graduated 1977

Lifetime Brands- April 2010 --January 2011
    Driving sit-down forklift
drove stand up reach and pull lifts
    Pull and pack order using forklift
used RF scanning gun
    Load trucks using lifts
    Kept area clean of skids and debris
Injury May 2010
released Jan 2011

Staffing Alternatives-February 2010 -April 2010
    Audi/Volkswagon through Staffing Alternatives February through March
        Received Car parts, using RF gun to scan and put away
    Kept area clean of cardboard and debris
Temp position finished

 Randstad Staffing Agency - September 2009 - 2010

Corporate Interiors through Randstad, 2900 Potshop Lane, Conshohocken,
September 9, 2009 - February 2010
     load/unload trucks using handtrucks, pallet jacks or by hand.
     We pick orders and assemble/disassemble wood and steel office
     furniture, including but not limited to desks, file cabinets,
     bookcases, credenzas.
     use a ‘cherry picker’ forklift and also have experience with
     stand-up and sit-down forklifts.

Neoware, King of Prussia, PA  1-800-NEOWARE, Service Dept. S/R -
September 2006 - June 2007.
     Receive computer units returned for service/demo
     Devised, Implemented and automated bar code inventory system
     Set up and controlled (Excel) computerized inventory for
     re-furbished units
     Reprogrammed and tested said units for resale and cleaned and boxed
     units for stock
     Shipping and receiving daily with DHL, FED EX and UPS
     Supervised area for cleanliness and Quality Control
Temp Position Finished

The Tile Gallery, Bensalem, PA  (610) 438-6130  August 2005 to February
Warehouse Order Picker/Duties
     Pull ceramic tile orders and arrange pallets for delivery
     Operate stand-up forklift (Crown)
     Inventory stock
     Process on-line delivery for UPS and LTL
     Supervised cleanliness of warehouse

    Davar Services, Ivyland, PA  215-672-5110   November 2004 to August
Vending Machine Installation and Stocking/Duties:
     Cleaned and prepped snack, soda, coffee and food vending machines
     Removed/Installed machines at contracted facilities
     Repaired all machines on and off site
     Responsible for collecting daily cash profits and receipts
Left for better Employment

Great Eastern Pet Supply, East Rutherford, NJ  201-438-4884  April 2003
to October 2004 
     Loaded Small Straight Truck
     Delivered pet supplies to stores in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and
     Long Island.   Average of 17 to 22 stops per day.
     Picked up supplies at various local companies
     Pulled and packed orders from warehouse stock for next day delivery

DMS, Seacaucus, NJ  (201) 783-9009  May 1995 to April 2003
     Picked up designer leather coats and dresses from Magaschoni,   
     Lord & Taylor, Sears, Andrew Marc and delivered them to trucking   
     firms for delivery to other states and countries.
     Drove 24’ International trucks and 20’ Mack trucks
     Performed routine maintenance on trucks
Left for better Employment

I am also currently restoring a Williams Flash Pinball machine
so I have experience with Electro-mechanical assemblies
and troubleshooting
I am never wrong Once I thought I was
 but I was merely mistaken

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Re: any jobs available off the books?
« Reply #2 on: September 02, 2014, 09:52:35 PM »
I just saw this now, sorry. I can't tell you about under the table, but having just completed my job search, I'll pass along what I've learned.

Start a profile and "Connect" with as many as you can. At the top of your profile add "Please contact me with opportunities". You'd be amazed at the actual decorum used there that no one will contact you without this. I've gotten more opportunities from Linked in contacts than from sending resumes- hands down.

My profile as an example: and Monster: Make your resume public! Recruiters search through these and will contact you. But be prepared for insurance calls.

I only occasionally got a rejection back after filling everyone's recycle bin. :Whistle: Still ok to apply this way, but be prepared for a low response rate.

If you find recruiters message them and send them your history and what you are looking for.

Whenever possible go to the company's website and apply there. They get first preference. Don't apply to UPS at Monster, go to

Find local opportunities and "cold call" them. I had many near misses this way. This puts a face with the name. If you wow them, they'll remember your face vs a phone interview.

For keywording use a standard copy of your resume and modify it as needed. I save these extra versions as Tim's Resume..doc
Notice the 2 dots. Tells me which one it is and it's easily missed that you may have multiple resumes. I'll then start a folder with the copy I used to refer back to if I get a call.

I would not put my address here though, your choice. I would do name, town/state, and email. No phone unless you are giving them your resume. Since you've had email problems before, wouldn't it make sense to start another email, just for jobs? ( Make that new email forward to your others so you don't miss anything. You won't even have to check it because it'll come into your main email. It's what I did. :Smile:

Oh, you're unlikely to get any offers here from pinball people, but if you write something great you have a place to refer them back to with your info.
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