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I know a lot of vp8 tables look great rotated to VP9 can we get a list together of what ones look good, work and the settings? This would be a great thread i think :Cool:

We could, but they seem to be specific to the table, and the person's taste regarding layback, etc.

Here's what I start with:

Field of View:30
XY Rotation:270
X Scale:1.34
Y Scale:2
Z Scale:1
X Offset:-433
Y Offset:12
Z Offset:0

Those are my base adjustments. Then I tweak it from there. I should say I like a more "standing over the table" view, as that's how I played.

More/less layback will skew these numbers. :Smile:

Edit: It would also be cool if we could get a database going of which tables are available in fs with working backglasses. B2s old or new makes no difference to me.

Table1:       B2s or DB2s        Vp9 or VP8 rotated        current version?    Maybe a rating of condition

I don't have time for such a task, but if anyone want's to start one I'll be more than happy to make a place for it.

i know its not been replied to for 120 days so :Hi (2):
 but just used these settings on
the on beam desktop and i impressed myself
it looks brilliant on my f/s cabinet.
so thanks for these settings if its not allowed i will delete it
its only for my own use

No worries. Just changing adjustments isn't a mod.

My reasoning for these settings is because I want the table to take up the whole screen. Other people want the "tapered 3-d look".


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