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Visual Pinball 9.90 - Inst On Win 8


Hey, y'all,

I've finally got down to installing VP on my Win 8 i5 machine! Love playing VP8 KISS from JP on my big 24" WS monitor!

During the install, the Installer Guide at VPF has everyone downloading and installing the "latest" version, which is v9.9.0. I extracted it and copied everything to the VP folder:
     - VPinball990.exe
     - SciLexer.dll
     - FreeImage.dll

But on launching VP9.90, it won't load: "The program can't start because 'd3dx9_35.dll' is missing from your computer."

The current DirectX files on my computer are v11.

Puter:          Dell Inspiron i5
Syst:            Win 8.1
RAM:            6 GB
DirectX:       v11

Anyone else having fun w/VP 9.9? It's supposed to be a very major upgrade from the comments I read at VPF.

You need to download direct x 9 libraries manually

Hey, randr,

Thanks for the tip.

Seems strange that I have to dload v9 libraries when I have v11 ... but whatever works, ay?

Have a nice day!  :Green:


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