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FS B2S Setup Back On The Air
« on: August 03, 2014, 04:28:12 AM »
I've broken out my old Win XP desktop machine and have set it back up with 2 monitors for my FS B2S Visual Pinball gaming. And now I remember why it's worth the trouble to do so ... it takes Visual Pinball to a whole new level. I'm using a 21" widescreen monitor for the playfield, and (at least for the time being) an old clunky 4:3 17" CRT VGA monitor for the backglass. I have it elevated off the desk a little so that I can rotate the WS monitor and lean it against the 17" monitor at a slight angle, giving the effect of playing a real pinball table. This desktop also has a Harmon Kardon sound system with it which has two very low profile speakers at each side of the table, plus a subwoofer on the floor. It's all the sound I need, making it seems like it's coming right from the "machine" ... very nice!

Some of the tables I played tonight are definitely better in FS B2S.

There's JP's KISS table, his recreation of Bally's 1979 classic. I remember the frustrations with this table from the old days. It's easy to hit the ball with the flippers, but then have it shoved right back down your throat by bouncing off the pop bumpers before you can react!  :Cussing: The four center bumpers are this table's biggest thrill .. and biggest PITA! But it's cool when you start hitting all the targets, filling the bonus lights ... it makes a nice satisfying rRr rRr rRr rRr effect when that happens. The playfield is much better played long-ways in FS mode, and the BG above it really enhances the gameplay with the flashing letters K-I-S-S at the top, as well as a pict of the members of the band.

Then I played Rosve's Capt Fantastic, his take on Bally's late EM table from 1976. There's a distinct difference in playing this version over the desktop table. The EM bell sounds are not the same. The bells for the 10 and 100 point scores are a faster-sounding, slightly muffled sound, similar to a slightly older Williams bell sound. The effect on this FS B2S table enhances the faster gameplay than what I get on the desktop version. Capt Fantastic is another table that deserves to be played FS, as it's meant to be, and this version plays fast, faster than the orig arcade table I used to play in the 70s. Cool!  :Cool:

I always think of popcorn when playing Capt Fantastic ... could be because the arcade version I played in the 70s was just outside the local cinema at the mall back then. It was in a space with at least 10 tables there next to the concession stand, right next to Stern's Stingray and Gottlieb's Pioneer.

Another extremely addictive table that's best in FS B2S is Data East's 1988 Time Machine, masterfully recreated by JP Salas. The wildly animated backglass is a must have for this table. It also demands to be played FS to take advantage of the ramp shots, especially the Starwarp! This table has the distinct feature of sounding like a classic EM table when you "Starwarp to the 50's". This is especially true on JP's version here. The mechanical clicks and clanging chimes are very loud here! I don't know if it's the way the ROMs are emulated or what, but the EM sounds in this part of the game are loud, especially the clicking mechanical sounds. At 3AM, I have to remember to turn the volume down a bit ... the landlord's wife will wake up!!

So yeah, I had just a sample here to remember how enhanced things are with Visual Pinball using a FS B2S setup. Pinball demands a vertical playfield, and a good backglass, preferably well-animated, right above it! That's just the way I remember it.

One of these days, I will have to just get to it and make a full scale cabinet ... but for now, this is the way to play VP!  :Green:

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Re: FS B2S Setup Back On The Air
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2014, 10:15:21 AM »
Nice setup and great write up on the tables! I see a cab build in your future :)