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General Discussion / Re: What do you think about the roms controversy?
« Last post by Itchigo on January 18, 2019, 08:39:16 PM »
I haven't worked in vpx (vp9), but I've done some originals. Some even good....

But yeah, you rarely have 1 personal that does it all. I can code and build all day long, but I suck at graphics. In fact, if anyone wants to help finish this table it was built like 5 years ago....
General Discussion / Re: What do you think about the roms controversy?
« Last post by kencaine on January 18, 2019, 07:58:06 AM »
I've recently been reading about fan films of Star Trek and CBS has pulled the rights out from fan films. Seems too many are staring to look too good (Star Trek Continues, Anaxar) and are potentially taking away fans from professionally produce Star Trek series (Discovery). Those characters and visuals are copyrighted so maybe the same would apply to pinball recreations.

I'm actually surprised that there are not more 'professional quality' VPX created original games. I'd be interested in seeing download statistics for recreations vs originals. I would bet that the recreations have a far greater download rate and are played more at home then originals.

The problem with creating originals is the complete package of programming skills, artwork, table design and good theme idea. I may be able to do the programming, and not the artwork as I can hardly draw. And would a ROM need to be programmed to use the DMD under PinMAME? One would need to form a team to do a true professional original.
General Discussion / Re: What do you think about the roms controversy?
« Last post by Dugarin on January 14, 2019, 05:27:21 AM »
I don't think you can copyright the look and the feel of a game. That's so subjective. But then again, who knows...
General Discussion / Re: Williams/Bally ROMs
« Last post by Pintrepid on January 13, 2019, 09:04:35 PM »
You could be right ...

I've only recently gotten into Visual Pinball X. The upgrades are spectacular! Many VPX recreations are as good, sometimes even better, than certain premium tables.

It's very interesting to see some tables that were created in VPX. These include tables that clearly have licensed content in their themes: Jersey Jack's The Wizard of Oz, many of the Stern (modern-day Stern) tables, even Stern's Beatles: Beatlemania. While I can see why these tables are very popular with the VP community, it just seems like an invite for property owners to raise a red flag and demand to take it down ... for some of them, it directly competes with their digital pinball products!

It's hard to say where things will go from here.
Other Emulated Downloads / Re: Trapshoot
« Last post by GSGregg on January 12, 2019, 11:26:30 AM »
Happy Birthday, viktory2k1!

Any progress on your rotator cuff, etc? Hope your pinball rig is behaving itself, and your son isn't raking you over the coals too seriously...

I figured you wouldn't get a reply notification from the Birthday Thread, since I didn't see that you have ever posted there, so I thought I'd try the last topic you accessed.

How do you like VPX (ten)? I spent most of the last year and a half with a progressively sick XP desktop and finally gave up on it, buying an HP Compaq Elite 8000 with 7 last March; the last ten months have just disappeared and I haven't played any VPX tables yet...with my luck, they'll be on VPXII before I get to VPX. :Cussing:

Anyway, I haven't yakked with you in a while, so have a good B-day and enjoy the new (48th) year!


General Discussion / Williams/Bally ROMs
« Last post by kencaine on January 10, 2019, 11:51:27 AM »
With the recent pulling of the Gottlieb ROMs I begin to think of Zen's acquisition of the WMS/Bally license. Do they own the ROMs and could they pull the ROMs to force VP uses to pay for the ROM usage or to buy the Zen games? It would seem that VP would be the main competition for games. Why pay Zen when you can get the VP game for free? Zen keeps the cost low, down to about $3 per game so very reasonable to purchase.
Members Area / Re: Hello From Illinois!
« Last post by blacknightizthebest on January 09, 2019, 06:27:36 AM »
how ya doin. hifrom pa!
Desktop Tables / Re: Arrow Head - Williams 1957
« Last post by Pinball_Wolvi on December 31, 2018, 07:51:53 AM »
Thanks for the 2 new Tables and your work.
Desktop Tables / Arrow Head - Williams 1957
« Last post by pbecker1946 on December 30, 2018, 10:44:23 PM »
Arrow Head - Williams 1957;sa=view;down=580New VP9 Build of the 1957 Williams Arrow Head game.  Arrow Head, designed by Harry Williams with art by George Molentin, was released in February 1957. It's not known how many units were produced but this beautiful game is rare to see today. It is widely thought that the inspiration for the back glass for Arrow Head was a 1955 George Petty Calendar Drawing which I've included in the zip file -- draw your own conclusions. You have to play this game more side-to-side, unlike games that drain out the lower sides. Nudging is also required.  You have to treat the flippers a bit more like ball bats as there isn't an easy way to catch the ball on the flippers. It takes a while to figure out the right strategy to beat Arrow Head, but when you do you can get replays in bunches.
Desktop Tables / 4 Square - Gottlieb 1971
« Last post by pbecker1946 on December 30, 2018, 10:29:27 PM »
4 Square - Gottlieb 1971;sa=view;down=579New VP9 Build of the 1971 Gottlieb Game 4 Square.  4 Square, designed by Ed Krynski with Art by Gordon Morrison, was released in June 1971. 2,200 units were produced so this game is only moderately rare, but as I learned finding one in good condition is a challenge. 4 Square has a simple rule set, with the goal being to complete the 1-2-3-4 sequence multiple times.  Scoring values increase with each sequence completed. There are five ways to make each number including targets and lanes. If you like sequence based games, this one will hold your attention.
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