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Title: New Premium Membership coming!
Post by: Itchigo on May 21, 2014, 10:08:51 AM
As a way of paying for the site, I have decided to put my cab up for download. For a $10 a year donation, you can download anything you wish from my cabinet backup in the cloud (individually). If you're a new cabinet builder, become a Premium Member and I'll send you the links to the main folders. Then you just update as you go along. For someone starting a cab...this will save a LOT of work.

I'm not going to make the claim that I have everything, because no one does. But what I will say is that I currently have 508 FS (VP), 2 screen tables in my cab, not to mention 8 bowlers.

Why is this worth doing every year? Because I add tables everytime a backglass comes out, as well as modify an existing table when it's the only vp version available. Last year I had about 375 tables. Who knows, you might also come across something I made for myself, but can't put up on the site. Or even a Sam. (No stolen WIP Sam's, only ones that have been released). On top of that, I also make FS's when I find a backglass image. I can't tell you who's version of what I have because I only look for the best version not worrying about who did it. But if you truly want everything, you need this as I'm sure there is some stuff you don't have somewhere.

What will be available:

All Wheels, backglass and table images.
All zip files contain the table and DirectB2s/B2s.
A thread will show what's been updated/added.

The Downloads area will always stay free for all users. I will continue to upload just as I am now. Nothing will be held back to entice you to do this.

All members continue to have have upload privileges here. For right now though, you have to PM me the file so I can add it to the database. You can start your release thread, then I'll add the download link to it.

Our Donation Goal is $80 by October.

Note: this has not yet been implemented. I need time to work out the "kinks". I'm thinking a "Private" board only visible to Premium Members will display monthly additions in a thread.

Note: This is for FS Tables only!
Title: Re: New Premium Membership coming!
Post by: randr on May 21, 2014, 10:23:59 PM
I'm in! And will be "in" your cab soon! Lol I currently have 448 tables(fs) always looking for more converted to fs! Now if we could just get Arngrim to add dof to these I would be very happy
Title: Re: New Premium Membership coming!
Post by: Itchigo on May 22, 2014, 02:26:24 PM
I have no problem converting anything to DOF. The only problem I've ever had is someone taking my work, changing 1 or 2 things and calling it his own. DOF isn't a mod to me, it's an update, just as you'd update a table to vp9 from vp8. You're just adding support to make it work with DOF is all.

Anything I've ever done is open to DOF support. :Smile:
Title: Re: New Premium Membership coming!
Post by: slashbot on May 22, 2014, 04:28:01 PM
Im not a huge table downloader (anymore) because i have already around 480 tables on my cabinet. Im a huge fan of the flasher object mods from the other site and i like to learn howto script them.
Today im more into learing the vp basics,learing gimp2 and busy rebuilding the big brave table from jp from a Spanish step by step tutorial.
When i know enough i'll update Earth wind and fire from zacharia,already updated the table with new plastics and a new playfield the original fs table had realy crap graphics (brought this cabinet a while ago for a pinball coffee table).

Maybe you can also make a section with physicmod tables, i know its still beta but who knows?

But when the new premium membership is comming ill donate for sure as promised before or i can send you a microsoft sidewinder pro for analog nudge if u dont have one Itchigo you choose?

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Title: Re: New Premium Membership coming!
Post by: Itchigo on May 22, 2014, 06:57:47 PM
Actually a member is sponsoring us now. I won't have to do Premium Memberships. You will have to be a member, but everything will be shared with all members. :Smile:

I really didn't want to "restrict" anything, because I didn't want to be compared to VPF. (Being all about money). But this deal pays for the site which was my concern. And the place won't look like it's been spammed.

I'm going out of town for a few days, when I get back some things planned are:

A computer area in the forum.

All files will be shared with all members. It'll have it's own area. Then I'll have an update thread where you'll see what's been added each month.

I can make any section needed. :Smile: But I can't help you with flashers because newer vp has passed me by. :Content: The DMD tables aren't my mug of beer :Green: Some are fun, but I'm a SS and EM guy. (Probably why Stern didn't hire me.... :Rolleyes:)
Title: Re: New Premium Membership coming!
Post by: randr on May 22, 2014, 07:31:25 PM
Sweet! Free is always best! And people can still donate via donation link so really is good news!