Author Topic: Hello, and Happy New Year to All!  (Read 860 times)

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Hello, and Happy New Year to All!
« on: January 05, 2018, 11:06:04 PM »
 :Hi (2): I initially posted a question and realized this was the wrong forum. My bad. Will post under general.
I am a big pinball nut. I used to compete in contests at my old campground and won a Asteroids cabinet once. Unfortunately I didn't know better back then and b/c it stopped working, I sorta left it up in storage, then my dad got rid of it. Now I"m shooting myself in the foot b/c I want it for a MAME build. Oh well. Anyway, I have a VP cab with 3 monitors (BG, PF, and DMD) speakers on either side of dmd screen and subwoofer mounted on the bottom of the cab facing down. plenty of audio needless to say. Have not counted lately but I think I'm around 700 tables at this point including over 300 vpx. I still find it amazing how we can do all of this and how realistic the ball play is. Thanks to all of those that have provided such great tables. I will post my question on general. thanks!
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