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Installing VPinMame
« on: November 22, 2012, 10:33:00 PM »
Installing Visual Pinmame:

Create a new folder, download and extract all files into that folder. (1.jpg)
(Windows 7) Rightclick the setup.exe and "run as administrator". (2.jpg)
In XP, just click run.
Click Install. (3.jpg)
Click yes. (4.jpg)
Pinmame installed!! Congrats! (5.jpg)
Now, setup your paths so the program can find things. This is key. You really don't need to change any locations, so long as you put things in the locations shown. You can change locations by hitting the square on the right, or typing. I prefer the square because it takes typos out of the equation. (6.jpg)

Roms: Very important to have these because some games will not run without them. Should you have the wrong rom, or in the wrong location when you run the game you will get an error like this (7.jpg).Very straightforward and explanatory. This is the rom it's looking for, and this is where it should be.

Configuration: Nothing you really need to do except download this file (, unzip it into your cfg folder.

Nvram: Nothing you really need to do except download this file (, unzip it into your NVRAM folder.

Samples: Nothing you really need to do except make sure these files are in there. (,

Screenshots: Nothing to worry about as far as running the game here, it's only for your pictures.

Playing a game: You need to know which version the game is for to play. A vp9 game: Doubleclick the blue buttons and the game will open, escape to quit.

A vp8 game: Doubleclick the Start visual Pinball.exe, then hit, file/open and browse for the folder with your games in it, then doubleclick on the blue button, the game will open, escape to quit.

General playing with a keyboard:
5: Puts in a quarter
1: Starts the game, (some older games s starts).
Enter: Shoots ball (Plunger)
Spacebar: Forward shake
Z: Left shake
T: Not really used except for a stuck ball, this will tilt the game.
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