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Lightning Ball - Gottlieb 1959 - Updated V2.0
« on: April 28, 2021, 02:28:15 PM »
Lightning Ball - Gottlieb 1959 - Updated V2.0;sa=view;down=743Gottlieb's Lightning Ball was released in December 1959.  Lightning Ball was designed by Wayne Neyens with Art by Roy Parker. Neyens said he wanted to arrange the rubbers so that continuous action was possible, and this game definitely can let you play a ball for some time if you can stay clear of the gobble holes. I view Lightning Ball as one of the first "flow" games, as it is about more than calmly trying to hit set shots, and the shot that hits all three colors in one move does feel good when made. I released version 1.0 of this game in August 2013.  I've learned a lot about making VP recreations since then, and playing this game finally caused me to spend the time to update it.  In version 2.0 I have significantly improved the artwork, changed the contact switches from low power slings to actual rubbers for better physics, added playfield lighting, replaced the bumpers with my latest designs and updated the gobble hole script logic for more realistic action. I was new to reading scoring motor schematics in 2013, and I have fixed a couple of logic errors in V1.0 so the game now plays true to the schematic. I also made a true VP9 version this time around (I was only doing VP8 games in 2013) along with a full back glass for the cabinet version. The result plays and looks far better.
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