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Introduction from RusstyT
« on: May 27, 2021, 12:06:56 AM »
A note of thank you to the administrators of this site and contributors to the Virtual Pinball community. There are some very talented people here who give so much of their time for my enjoyment and I hope that I can contribute to this community in some small way.
A little bit on my background. I built my 85%ish Scale Virtual pinball cabinet 18 months ago so this is a newish hobby for me. I join in with the Aussie Arcade Virtual Pinball league which has helped me learn more about gameplay and enjoyment of virtual pinball.  I could never have learnt the number games without the virtual pinball platform. I came across this site whilst looking for information on how to build and script a backglass for my second original table and found to my surprise that the b2S designer software comes complete with a tutorial. How goods that.  I started both of my game projects using Scott Wickburghs orbital Pin framework. This has been a long hard but interesting road and has given me some understanding of the VPX build structure and some basic understanding of Scripting. Im now at the stage where I'd like to incorporate b2S Backglasses in these tables and make them available for others to enjoy.
thankou from RusstyT

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Re: Introduction from RusstyT
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Hey RusstyT

We seem to be everywhere!!
Lets see if we can get a few members here: