Author Topic: Any Keyboards suitable for Pinball.....(Chapter TWO)  (Read 1638 times)

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Any Keyboards suitable for Pinball.....(Chapter TWO)
« on: December 08, 2016, 02:41:26 AM »
Well, nineteen months have undulated on by, VP10 is all the rage, and my K70 Vengeance Cherry MX Red keyboard has forced a sabbatical while I wait for my ten-pack of new switches to get here from Taiwan. For background on this story, refresh with Chapter ONE:,709.0.html

Anyway, except for very rare instances where the switch for a flipper would lag just enough to make one wonder how in hell the ball wound up THERE (and exTREMEly rare total misfires), things were great for about fifteen to sixteen months which, while not exactly decimating the typical rubber-dome keyboard's lifespan, let me regard the K70's purchase as worthwhile. With that said, here comes the big BUT:

My big gripe with rubber-dome boards is that (besides the membrane/s being unrepairable) none of the keycaps are available unless you're running a laptop---and maybe only certain ones; I haven't researched that deeply. The mechanical boards' switches, however, are replaceable (which is good) after removing lots of keycaps to access and remove lots of screws to remove the bottom housing and expose the PC board so the condemned switch (and its LED, if present) can be de-soldered (these combine to be NOT good) and the switch then pried out of the top.

Since the flipper keys are used more often (especially during Multiball) than the 'Fire' button on Asteroids, and will wear and break commensurately, I recommend their design be modified to that of a push-and-turn engagement---like that of a 'bayonet'-based light bulb. How do you like my chances?

So, not much pinball possible for a couple of weeks, but Happy Holidays to The Rogue Nation!

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