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Mostra Visual Pinball
« on: October 24, 2018, 12:59:20 PM »
Hi! my nickname is' dinoconus, I would like someone to help me tell me if there is a history
of Visual Pinball

Since he was born by Mr. Randy Davis when the latest version of Visual Pinball was made.

I'm very interested in it because I have the desire, with some fans of Visual Pinball, a traveling exhibition and finally a stable one
with a large room where it is supposed to have a stable and perennial exhibition.

So I try to get more 'possible articles, photographs and everything related to VPinball
, however there will be a Flipper competition with the Visual in this area
Pinball emulator.

Who will score the highest, will receive a discount voucher of Euro 400 for a possible purchase of a real Flipper

that we have available, that is a Firepower Williams.

This is the first edition of the Flipper competition with the Visual Pinball Emulator, so it was a sudden thing
of which we did not realize that we had little time available and the exhibition was a race

against the clock ..... the exhibition was made with a minimum of staff and set up in the best way.

For the perennial exhibition there will still have to be discussed with the Local Administrators especially with the Mayor and this serves,
as regards the competition with the Visual Pinball Emulator with a few computers we have used three of them a little older
but well functioning there is already the Vpinball Flipper List already ready and also the resolution that will be used next year, and
here we talk about February (about 4 months), to set up a competition with the Visual Pinball computer with the list of Flipper
90 years of VisualPinMame already 'prepared and ready.

Now I leave the Roguepinball Forum for the moment for work ... and about the work I'll go in
Pension in June 2019.

I await your news.

Thank you
See you soon