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Found Spheres pins...again

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After an exhaustive search on the web (his original site is down)
I found Spheres pins once again
 don't know if you guys have these or not but imho his were some of the best pins ever made
the graphics rock as well as the music he used but mostly that artwork ios brilliant
 esp  since he used the older FP program with not a heck of a lot of resources available at that time

Why, thank you, kind sir!

Whatta timely thing ... my Archives hard drive just crashed and burned, and I'm quite certain I had all of Sphere's tables on there. I usually back everything up to DVD ... but had gotten rather negligent lately. And then *-poof!-*  :Cry: a whole lotta data gone forever!

At least now I can check out Sphere's tables again.  :Cool: Amok Harvest is one of my favorites, as well as Pathways and Tales From Topographic Oceans. All these tables should be preserved for VP and FP posterity!  :Green:


I've downloaded all of Sphere's FP tables from PinSimDB, as well as all the VP tables from (man, THAT sure took a long time ... that site is ssslllooowww).

I really got into Sphere's tables back in '08. After finding VP, it was inevitable that I should find FP. And of his FP tables, I really dug his Tales From Topographic Oceans and Pathways tables. They reminded me of back in the day, in '79, when I first bought Yes' Close To The Edge and Relayer LPs ... it was the same time I discovered Atari's Time 2000 and Middle Earth tables. I was really into Roger Dean's artwork, and had started emulating his style in my pen & ink drawings. I also enjoyed the distinctively different artwork and table design of Atari, two of the first widebodied tables I'd ever played.

Well here I was, 30 years later, enjoying Yes music, Roger Dean artwork and pinball all over again ... but NOW I saw that I could not only play pinball, but could also create my own tables, complete with killer artwork, my favorite pinball music and whatever radical table design I could ome up with! For instance, I really thought that two tables needed creating: Starship Trooper and Close To The Edge!  :Green: It might yet happen, now that I've been reinspired with these tables.

I was wondering, though ... there are a few of Sphere's tables that can no longer be found online. I was wondering if anyone had these in their collections? Would you be willing to share, if you do have them? I'd really like that!  :Cool:

Missing Sphere Tables:

Brain Salad Surgery
Citadel 1.2
Dark Side Of The Moon
Demons And Wizards
Magnification 1.2
Phaeton 1.21
Strange Days 1.0
Tomb Raider 4.1.1

Hi Pete,

I found Brain Salad Surgery which I've attached.

Will ahve a looksee for the others.


Citadel 1.2 attached ...


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