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Found Spheres pins...again

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Demons And Wizards attached ...

Finally, for now anyway ... Phaeton


Shall have another look when I can ....

Thanks, Elton, these are very nice finds! Even when Sphere still had his site up, these tables were n/a. As for Brain Salad Surgery, it's not hard to suspect it was due to a copyright issue. But for the other tables, these were VERY early tables, for VP as well as Sphere ... I consider them to be a valuable part of VP history from one of the more prolific pioneers of the art!

Thanks again!  :Yahoo:

Here is my complete list of Sphere Tables to date now in my collection. Most of the VP tabes are available at The FP tables are at the link Faralos provided, If there's a particular one you'd like me to share, just ask, and I'll upload it for you. But if anyone has any of the missing tables, I'd be grateful if you could share it! Thanks!

Happy Pinballing!  :Pinball:

VP Tables by Sphere:
These tables can be found at

Ad Infinitum V2.0 (sphere 2002)
Anna's Colours V3.0 (sphere 2001)
Another World Two V2.0 (sphere 2001)
Between Heaven & Hell V1.1 (sphere 2005)
Black Widow V2.0 (sphere 2002)
Emerald Altar V1.27 (sphere 2001)
Encore V2.0 (sphere 2002)
Fantasy City V2.36 (sphere 2002)
Miss Universe V1.1 (sphere 2001)
N.N. Acoustic V2.1 (sphere 2001)
Red Dragon V2.0 (sphere 2002)
Saturn 5 V2.11 (sphere 2001)
Space Is Deep V2.0 (sphere 2001)
Suburbs V1.14 (sphere 2002)
Tales From Topographic Oceans ED2 V2.0 (sphere 2002)
Goddess Of Egypt V2.1 (sphere 2002)
The Skull V2.0 (sphere 2002)
Vision Of Beauty V2.0 (sphere 2002)

This table I found on my old XP laptop:

Psyche's Dream V1.22 (sphere 2002)

These tables were shared by Elton at The Rogue™:,427.0.html

Brain Salad Surgery V1.11 (sphere 2001)
Citadel-V1.2 (sphere 2001)
Demons & Wizards V1.1 (sphere 2001)
Phaeton v1.2 (sphere 2001)

Missing VP Sphere Tables

Dark Side Of The Moon
Magnification 1.2
Strange Days 1.0
Tomb Raider 4.1.1

FP Tables by Sphere:
All these tables can be found at
Thanks to Faralos for this find!

Amok Harvest 1.8 (sphere 2006)
Anna's Colours 2.1 (sphere 2005)
Chaosmonger 1.1 (sphere 2006)
Elric Of Melnibone 1.4 (sphere 2006)
Emerald Altar 1.7 (sphere 2005)
Force Majeure 1.2 (sphere 2006)
Goddess Of Egypt 1.0 (sphere 2006)
Li II 1.8 (sphere 2005)
Pathways 1.4 (sphere 2005)
Red Dragon 1.1 (sphere 2006)
Retroactive 1.2 (sphere 2006)
Spirit Of Flight 1.5 (sphere 2005)
Suburbs 2100 1.0 (sphere 2006)
Tales From Topographic Oceans 1.1 (sphere 2006)
Wayfarers Redemption 1.2 (sphere 2006)
Window On Reality 1.1 (sphere 2006)
Wooden Ship 1.0 (sphere 2007)

Thanks Elton, hope you're doing ok!

Hope you guys don't mind me moving this. :Smile:

No issues guys.

Glad I could assist.

I don't even have VP installed. Just an old folder with a shedful of zipped tables :)


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