Author Topic: Downloads is down!  (Read 8422 times)

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Re: Downloads is down!
« Reply #15 on: May 15, 2014, 09:55:00 PM »
Got caught up tonight thanks!

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Re: Downloads is down!
« Reply #16 on: May 17, 2014, 08:23:22 PM »
Ok! I have everything I have re- uploaded! I'm waiting for some files from other members, but everything I have is done!!

This is what's left to do:

Missing Files:

Flipperless Desktop:Druadic

Bright Lights (BINGO) 1951 Bally for VP9.2.1 r866+ Desktop
Broadway (BINGO) 1951 Bally for VP9.2.1 r866+ VER 1.3 Desktop
Bally Beauty (BINGO), 1952 by Bally for VP 9.2.1 r866 and higher
Frolics (BINGO) by Bally, 1952 for VP 9.2.1 r866+ Desktop

Desktop Recreations:Druadic
Little Joe   

Desktop Originals:Faralos Need to update link on Speedyshare
Klingons vs Romlulans

Widescreen Recreations:Wimkuijp
Jack in the box 

Widescreen Originals:
Flash Gordon  (Rosve)
Red Dwarf   (Rosve)
Gyruss  (Stevoz)

New table Uploads:

Desktop C&I   (Have)
Rockon        (Have)
South Pacific (Missing)

From VPM Testing Center:

Thunderbolt Allied Leisure Desktop
FotoFinish Gottlieb 1961
Aztec Williams 1976 Desktop
Aztec Williams 1976 FS
Lady Luck  (both)
Torch.png (Wheel)

Alladin's Castle (95%) done
Needs 2x Bonus routine and replay scores.

If there is something NOT on this list that is not working, please let me know.

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