Author Topic: VP The Next Generation - v9.1.6 (?), v9.2, v9.9 and Beyond  (Read 3590 times)

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VP The Next Generation - v9.1.6 (?), v9.2, v9.9 and Beyond
« on: January 22, 2015, 12:58:29 AM »
The developers of VP have been quite busy over at VPF. I haven't had much time for pinball this year, so I've gotten kinda lost. I was hoping someone might be able to clue me in.

I last left off at VP v9.1.5. This version plays most of the VP9 tables on my laptop and on my Win XP FS B2S setup.

Last I knew, there was a v9.1.6 (?) which had something to do with "primitives", and possibly other enhancements. What are "primitives" and how does that enhance the game play of tables in that version?

After this version, I got very busy with work and couldn't keep up with the rapid developments of VP. I lost track. What I think there is  now is that there's a v9.2 and a v9.9.

That latest version, v9.9, is supposed to be modified or rewritten to take advantage of DirectX 9 (where previous versions were using DirectX 7 (?) ). I understand there's been significant enhancement to lighting, flashers and physics.

In order to use VP 9.9, you have to update the DirectX drivers on your computer to DirectX 9.

This may be an issue for some. In my case, I use my Win 8 laptop for most of my VP game play ... but I also use this laptop for work. It has DirectX 11. Unfortunately DX11 is NOT backward compatible with DX9 ... or, at least, when I try to launch VP 9.9, it gives me an error saying that the "d3dx9_35.dll" is missing from my computer. The solution would be to install DX9 of course ... but I have other applications that depend on DX11, so I'll have to try it on my old XP desktop or a different computer.

I'm curious ... and they've probably been discussing this at length over at VPF ... but why did they go with DX 9 when the latest version is DX 11? Did it have something to do with the very core of VP itself, which, by the way, was originally written in 2000?

This is my understanding of recent developments of VP9.9+ ... it would be great if you could comment, clue me in where I'm wrong and help me to understand where VP is going.

Another thought ...

All these enhancements, and the discussion regarding The Road To VP 10, seem to me to be aimed primarily at cabinet tables. It's all trying to get the most realistic and optimal game play that can be worked into VP, and that's totally awesome, of course, and will definitely make for some KILLER cabinet gameplay ...

But what about desktop (laptop) gameplay? I wonder if the new versions of VP may end up being exclusively for FS cabinets? I would hate to see that happen! I've loved being able to play most VP tables on my laptop, sitting in my recliner, aching feet raised up, and playing away on my 17" laptop. But is desktop/laptop gameplay for VP becoming obsolete? Must one instead have a souped up computer with dedicated graphics card(s) and a 2 or 3 screen cabinet in order to enjoy the very latest tables in VP??? I really hope not. Please don't leave us laptop players in the dust, VP!

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Re: VP The Next Generation - v9.1.6 (?), v9.2, v9.9 and Beyond
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2015, 03:58:40 AM »
In regards to your question about desktops becoming obsolete. I'm not an insider, but from what I am seeing with VP10 they are making it even more simple to build for both setups now.  Most of the test tables go from desktop to cabinet with the click of a single check box. I see no effort from the Dev team to phase out either.  I think it is pretty clear that their is a large and rapidly growing cabinet comunity though.  To me that is where VP shines and frankly the only reason I got into it.  I never had any interest in playing yet another scrunched up PC Pinball game. Although I would play some on my laptop either desktop or sideways if my laptop had the goods for it and that brings us to your other question about system upgrades.

 My laptop has never been able to run any but the most primitive of VP tables.  Memory, speed and most important video just weren't optimal for a gaming rig.  My cab machine is built to the gills as they say and has no problems running what I throw at it.  My desktop test rig (in cab mode with a sideways PF monitor) has been quite hefty to handle most anything VP9 could throw at it.  VP10 so far is a whole other issue.  But, that is to be expected.  I think almost everyone of us wants VP to be the most realistic playing and looking virtual pinball ever.  Problem is we want it to look like we just walked up to real freaking table but we want to run it off our $300 e machine. :Banghead:

I look at it this way.  I have over 700 tables that run right now on all my cab and desktop under VP9.  If I choose not to upgrade hardware, well I got 700 tables.  But if I want to see newer, more realistic tables with all the latest advances in physics well, it's going to come with a price. It's ultimately up to us. Just remember, we are paying $200 in contract for a smartphone these days because we got tire of playing snakes on the free Nokia's.  :Wink: